Our opportunities
Innovative mechanism


Center possesses laboratory equipment, which allows to determine

all parameters of composite materials and products

from them.
The equipment for pilot production reproduces all the technologies implemented at the plant. It's possible to move quickly from pilot production to serial.
Our partners (from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Western Europe) are highly qualified in materials science, technology, engineering.

Client has opportunity to test hypotheses and try out his idea in practice.
Comprehensive work with the client on unified approach to the finished product and taking into account the product continuity and tooling design, choice of materials and technologies.

Preliminary assessment of the feasibility and convenience of

composite materials in product manufacturing


Preliminary selection of technology.
Our project is an industrial integrator that offers professional solutions for the

whole range of services in the field of composites: R&D, preparation and development of the products concepts, serial production, turnkey organization of production.

The use of the latest equipment and technologies, the support of foreign partners and our own scientific and technical base allow us to provide our customers with confidence in the manufactured products quality, technical service, successful production launch in client's areas, quality training and transfer of all technological nuances.

The customer can choose any combination of our services at will, determine priorities, order and volume of work performed (independently or together with our specialists).
Organization of the

customer products production at the SP LLC «Composite Structures»


Design and optimization of product configuration according to customer requirements.

The ability to manufacture products using our own and give-and-take tooling.

Production of pilot batches and tooling finishing.

The possibility to organize production "from the scratch" on the customer's areas, including product design, enterprise’s planning and construction project development, and equipment supply.

Commercial development of product manufacturing at the SP LLC «Composite Structures» facilities, followed by the corresponding technical process organization on the equipment of the client.
  • Single composites competence center
  • Research laboratory and pilot production
  • Unrealized ideas attracting and testing
  • Own development and production of semi-finished products
  • Flexibility and high efficiency of production
  • Free access to the Eurasian Union market
  • Formulas development and verification
  • Properties research
  • Products engineering
  • Technologies engineering
  • Experimental technological verification
  • Field tests of the products
  • Marketing research
  • Technical task
  • Design development
  • Material selection and testing
  • Pre-engineering
  • Technical and economic efficiency calculation
  • Marketing research
  • Technical task
  • Design development
  • Material selection and testing
  • Pre-engineering
  • Technical and economic efficiency calculation
  • Product adaptation
  • Technology and production equipment choice
  • Technical and economic efficiency evaluation
  • Experimental verification
  • Development of factory organization concept
  • Development and optimization of factory lay-out